G. W. Carver Senior High Lady Wolverines Basketball Team

G. W. Carver Senior High's Lady Wolverines Basketball Team





Greetings Carver Nation!! It's October and all basketball enthusiasts know what that means...it's time to Hoop it up! The 2016-2017 girls' basketball season at Carver High School is upon us and we are looking forward to having another great year. Last season, we finished as Area Champions again and made it to the Sweet 16 for our Region. My Lady Wolverines really worked hard and had a great year by finishing strong, and I am extremely proud of them for their efforts. Now it's time to continue to reach for even higher heights and begin this journey on the Road to Birmingham! #chasingthebluemap this season will mark my third year as Head Girls Basketball Coach at Carver and I am excited for this opportunity to coach such a great group of girls; they are working hard on the court and most importantly in the classroom. If you would like to make any donations to Carver girls basketball please visit our fundraising page www.gofundme.com/carvergirlsbball Thank you all in advance for supporting the Lady Wolverines. We look forward to seeing you. You can also follow our journey on our Instagram page @carvergirlsbball Thanks again and have a blessed day!


Carver High 


Basketball Schedule

Date                                       Team/Tournament                                             Time                                                         Place                    

Nov 9-12                               McGill Tipoff                                                       TBA                                                       Mobile, Al            

Nov 15                                   Prattville                                                                4:00/6:30                                              C-House          

Nov 18                                   Selma                                                                     4:00/6:30                                              C-House         

Nov 25 & 26                         Fast-Break Invitational                                      TBA                                                       Tallahassee, Fl     

Nov 25-27                             Hoop Fest                                                             TBA                                                       Dallas, Texas        

Nov 29                                   Jeff Davis                                                              4:00/6:30                                              C-House                         

Dec 9                                      Jeff Davis                                                              4:00                                                        Away              

Dec 10                                   Northview                                                             4:00                                                        C-House         

Dec 20-22                             Big Orange Classic                                              TBA                                                       Hoover, Al           

Dec 16-19                             Kreul Classic                                                         TBA                                                       Miami, Fl            

Dec 28-30                             Dwight Madison Classic                                     TBA                                                       C-House           

Jan 6-7                                   Jacksonville Showcase Classic                         TBA                                                       Jacksonville, FL   

Jan 10                                    Park Crossing                                                       4:30/6:30                                              Away              

Jan 13                                    Lanier                                                                    4:30/6:30                                              Away              

Jan 14                                    Ball-N-Prep MLK                                TBA                                                       TBA                     

Jan 16                                    MLK Classic                                                         TBA                                                       TBA                 

Jan 20                                    Park Crossing                                                       4:30/6:30                                              C-House          

Jan 24                                    Lanier                                                                    4:30/7:30                                              C-House         

Jan 27                                    Lee                                                                         4:30/7:30                                              C-House    

Jan 28                                    Mountain Brook                                                  TBA                                                       TBA                    

Jan 31                                    Selma                                                                     4:30/7:30                                              Away             

Feb 3                                      Lee                                                                         4:30/7:30                                              Away              

Feb 10                                    Girls Area Tournament                                       TBA                                                       TBA

Feb 11                                    Boys Area Tournament                                     TBA                                                       TBA

Feb 13                                    Girls Sub Regional                                               TBA                                                       TBA

Feb 14                                    Boys Sub Regional                                              TBA                                                       TBA

Feb 20-24                              Regional Basketball                                            TBA                                                       TBA                                      

Feb 27-March 4                   State Championship                                           TBA                                                       Birmingham (BJCC)