Uniform Policy
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Thursday, July 14, 2011
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Please make note of the changes!!!

MPS/Carver HS has adopted a new uniform policy. All students who attend the MPS school system must abide by the new policy. The adopted uniform for Carver High School is as follows:

Tops White, Gold, Green, Collared, Polo-Style Shirt (no emblems unless school approved)

Bottoms Khaki (uniform style) Pants, Capris, Knee-length Shorts or Skirts (Tan Only)

Outer Wear (sweaters, jackets, etc.) must comply with the school's color scheme. (green, gold, white)

Belts must be worn with pants at all times. All shirts tails must be tucked in with pants pulled up to the waist. No open-toe shoes will be allowed.

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